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Why Was “Print View” Eliminated From the New Version Of Numbers?!

It makes no sense to me to prevent a visual version of what you want your page to look like. The only place to see it in the new Numbers is by clicking on “print” – where you can’t make any changes. I have continued to use Numbers ’09 where I can see exactly what my work will look like. Are there any others complaining about this; and does it look like Apple will come back to it’s senses and restore this feature?
John Russo

Comments: 2 Responses to “Why Was “Print View” Eliminated From the New Version Of Numbers?!”

    4 years ago

    There are other people complaining, but I think the lack of complaints comes from the fact that so few people are “printing” at all now. My office has been paperless for years. Lots of companies going this way. Apple seems to have decided that print-related functions like this (and mail merge in Pages) aren’t worth implementing in new versions of apps.
    You can always design a nice “sheet” in Numbers that is meant to be printed. That’s what I would do. Use the other sheets for calculations, and then a sheet or two that is exactly as you want it printed. But the idea of just having a massive single spreadsheet and printing a section of it isn’t something that works well with Numbers.
    You could always go to Excel if you really want the power of a pro-level spreadsheet.

    John Russo
    4 years ago

    As someone said long ago, Numbers can serve for both Numbers and Pages. I do most of my documents in Numbers because text frames, as well as other objects, can be moved and arranged quickly. You can also get skinnier lines (and therefore more info) into tables with Numbers than with Pages tables. Someone had also suggested just creating a measured rectangle and using it for page limits. Oh well, I shall continue to use Numbers ’09 until it doesn’t work anymore. Thanks!

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