Forum Question: Why won’t “Faces” work with my WD Sharespace NAS?

I have identified several people in iPhoto ’09, using my Mac Mini, running snow leopard. When I go to “faces”, and select a face, in the screen where it says ” ‘person’ may also be in the photos below”, I get no results. It shows the circling arrows, as if it is looking, but I have left it overnight and I get nothing. I am using a Western Digital NAS that is mounted and I can see the photos in iPhoto and in preview, and can navigate to them in finder? Why does faces not work? It worked with my old NAS, which was a western digital My Book World Premiere? Should I call WD? Thanks, and I love the podcast.

— Ian Cooke

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    12/21/09 @ 8:10 am

    So your iPhoto Library is on your WD NAS? It shouldn’t matter where it is. How many photos do you have? The only thing I can think of is that if your photo collection if huge, and you have large images, that having them transfer one-by-one from the network to your Mac will be very slow. Think about the fact that in order for Faces to work, iPhoto has to load every single image to look for faces. And if it is on a network drive instead of your internal drive, that could be a lot of file transfer.

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