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Why Won’t My 32 Bit Canon PowerShot G3 Camera Upload To the Catalina OS?

I was recently helped by Apple to upload the Apple Catalina operating system to my Mac Mini to get maximum malware protection. Then I discovered that my Canon PowerShot G3 camera will not upload pictures like it used to! I’m told this is because my camera is 32 bit and Catalina is 64 bit, or something like that. The vast array of Canon cameras available is mind boggling, they don’t say if they’re 64 bit, and some of the featgures (and prices) are alarming! What should I do? My online business is at a standstill until I resolve this problem. Thank you for any suggestions you may have to offer… Steven (an old dog needing to learn a new trick).
Steven MacDonald

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    2 years ago

    Cameras are not 32-bit or 64-bit. That refers to software. So if you got some software with your Canon camera and installed that on your Mac, then that software may be 32-bit and will not work on macOS Catalina.

    But you shouldn't need that software. Many (most?) users never install it. Instead, you can use your Mac's built-in photo software, like Photos or Image Capture, to access the photos on your camera. Or, if the camera uses an SD card, you can just pull the card out of your camera and use a USB SD card reader for even faster loading.

    So just use the Photos app or Image Capture to get the photos. In addition, Canon may actually have an updated app at their site that supports your camera. But I wouldn't bother with it myself. I would just go directly into Photos.

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