Forum Question: Why Would I Sync My iPhone Over Wi-Fi?

Why would I sync my iPhone over wi-fi when I have the iCloud syncing my contacts, iCal, bookmarks, mail, notes and reminders; AND I’m backing-up iPhone to the iCloud, and I have iTunes match turned on? Would it just be useful to back up my Apps to my computer? Even still…the App Store stores my purchases should I choose to delete an App from my iPhone.

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    3/24/12 @ 3:16 pm

    There are all sorts of options you have when using Apple products. You don’t need to use them all.
    If you use iCloud to its fullest, and you use iTunes match, then you don’t need dock/wireless syncing to your computer if you don’t want to use it. Apple designed it that way because there are already people using iPads and iPhones instead of a computer, rather than in addition to one.
    But it can come in handy. For one thing, backing up to your Mac is faster and doesn’t use your bandwidth or iCloud storage space. I backup to my Mac for those reasons.
    Also, I need to sync (wired, not wirelessly) to get my iPhoto collection on to my devices. Photo stream is nice, but it is only really for “new” photos, not carrying around older ones to be able to look at/show off.

    3/24/12 @ 3:41 pm

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Okay so we’re on the same page. I couldn’t figure out an advantage for wifi syncing when I’m using the iCloud and iTunes match. I had thought about the pics as an advantage…but I’m using Photosync app to wirelessly upload selected photos on my iPhone to my MAC instead of Photo Stream because I don’t want all my iPhone pics uploaded to my MAC

    One advantage to wired syncing is that sometimes apps I’ve bought are not in the App Store purchases…so if I want to put an app on my husband’s iPhone, I can do a wired sync, then a wired sync with my husband’s iPhone to get the app on his iPhone.

    I will re-consider backing-up both iPhones to the MAC rather than to iCloud…makes some sense about the storage space! Thanks for the advice.

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