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When I first purchased my Mac pro I set up my WIFI and found for the first 4-5 months every was fine. Then for no reason, I keep randomly losing the connection. I run Assist me within network, network diagnostics and found the ISP, internet & server indicator go from green to red. I reconnect but find it constantly drops the connection after a few seconds or minutes. I end up repeating this process 5 to 6 times until things settle down.
I’ve tried deleting the AirPort connection and setting it back up but it still does not help. I also found on various forums other people having the same issue. One possible reason given is that it has something to do with WEP or WAP encryption. Is this correct or are they barking up the wrong tree Garry. Any suggestions?
Ewan, Scotland

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    2/18/11 @ 6:43 pm

    My first suspicion would be interference. Something else in the house (or a neighbor’s house) is using the wifi frequencies. Cordless phones, remote controls, baby monitors, etc. Have you tried setting the channel for wifi on the wifi box? Try 1, 6 or 11.

      2/23/12 @ 3:06 pm

      I have this same problem. My iMac loses its connection and I have to disconnect and reconnect to get it back. This happens constantly. Less than 15 feet from the iMac is a PC that this does not happen to. A Mac Boo Pro in the upstairs bedroom does not lose its connection. The router is in the basement level and the iMac is on 1 level above the router. I think Apple has a problem with the iMac doing this and they don’t seem to want to offer a solution or to fix it. If you Google the problem, a lot of others are having the same problem and no fix has been suggested.

    2/19/11 @ 7:48 pm

    Where is the wifi in relation to your mac? Are you using “Automatic” for radio channel? I find the Airport Routers work best when set in manual mode. Try 11 because most routers default at ch 6.

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