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Will Catalina Change iCloud Details Significantly?

I’m assigned to give senior citizens a presentation on clouds in general using iCloud (in Mojave) as the working example in early fall. Do you think it wise that I proceed with material I’ve learned from your Udemy iCloud course or should I stand by for new Catalina developments before I make my plans? I’m thinking you’ve been testing the beta versions. Thanks.
John Russell

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    5 years ago

    The basics are the same. There are some cosmetic changes, such as the way you get into your iCloud settings in System Preferences. iCloud is at the top under Apple ID instead of further down under iCloud.

    Also, there is the new feature of being able to share entire iCloud Drive folders, rather than just one file.

    But the basics are the same.

    Robert Salter
    5 years ago

    John Russell, I have been asked to do the same for a senior citizen community here in Arizona. I was wondering if we might be able to compare notes?

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