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Will High Sierra or Mojave Support 2 Thunderbolt Monitors?

I have a late 2014 Mac Mini 2.6 Intel i5 with 16 gig ram that has El Capitan 10.11.16 on it. It has 2 thunderbolt ports and I’m currently using both to run 2 thunderbolt monitors I need to update OS but stay with 32bit for software can I go with High Sierra or Mojave and still be able to run my monitors? Have tried to find info but with no luck.
Nick Moye

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    2 years ago

    I think think of any reason why upgrading your operating system would affect your Mac’s ability to use two screens. That is a hardware issue, not an operating system one. Do you have some reason to suspect that a second screen isn’t supported by Mojave?

    As far as 32-bit software is concerned, what app do you have that is only 32-bit? All major app developers have had 64-bit versions of their software available for quite some time.

    Nick Moye
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I was just thinking about it being a hardware issue myself, I’m a little gun-shy because I updated one of my older MacBook pros to Catalina without thinking about 64-bit and lost some old programs that are not updated.

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