Forum Question: Will iDVD Run On Lion?

Gary, I have a question or better yet, a concern …
I am thinking about upgrading to Lion. I am running Snow Leopard at precent.
Here is my concern: Will iLife 11 work with Lion? I use iMovie 11 a lot, plus I also use iDVD to get the movie to disc. I bought Leopard on a disc, witch included iLife 11.
Now I have a concern about Lion and can I still use iDVD with that OS?

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    2/6/12 @ 10:21 am

    Yes, iDVD runs fine on Lion if you have it. iLife 11 is the current version so certainly iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto work on it. New Macs come with Lion and those three apps. They are a primary part of getting a Mac. If you upgrade to Lion and already have iLife 11, all of those apps will still be there are work fine.

    2/6/12 @ 11:11 am

    Thanks Gary. I was concerned about iDVD, since Apple likes to do away with the DVDs altogether. For some reason (perhaps money) Apple likes us to use cloud with all the other gizmos, like iPad, iPod, iPhone and the heck with the DVDs.
    Too bad, I want to store my movies on DVDs and share them with friend and relatives. By the way, is there a program comparable to iDVD other than Toast?

      2/6/12 @ 11:41 am

      There are several DVD creation tools in the Mac App Store. One reason Apple no longer pushes DVDs is that optical drives are not on all Macs anymore. And people are starting to use DVRs, advanced cable boxes and services like Netflix (and iTunes) for video now, not DVDs. The biggest reason is that DVDs are standard definition, not HD. 720×480 is starting to look pretty 1990s at this point. DVDs are going the way of cassette tapes and VHS tapes, I’m afraid.

      Peter Hartnall
      6/24/12 @ 8:31 pm

      I have an imac. Aimersoft DVD creator works well. Trial version can be downloaded free from the www. Then it gives you option for purchase…. quite a reasonable price. Works in a very similar way to iDVD and works with projects made in imovie. Will burn not only on the built in mac superdrive, but any other DVD burner attached. Despite Gary Rosenzweig’s comment, I too, like Joe have aged Aunts and Uncle to whom I can post/give DVDs of family and they can view them. At ages between 85 and 92 they are not into using cloud etc!

        10/2/12 @ 11:01 pm

        I have been thinking to purchase a copy of Aimersoft DVD creator. Have you had any problems with it? Either order ilife 11 for idvd or this program Aimersoft. Have you had any problems?

    2/6/12 @ 8:17 pm

    Gary – I’m surprised you didn’t mention SONY BetaMax format in the “that was” technology list…

    5/15/12 @ 9:50 pm

    Its a shame that iDVD is going the way of the dodo bird. I am the weird person in the room that believes if physical back ups. Change is never easy but it is constant so I will have to adjust as required.

    6/14/12 @ 8:15 am

    My husband has the same concern about iDVD. I need to convert our home computer, Mac mini, to osx lion in order to get iCloud. My business inventory is stored on my iPhone, in iCloud. Our Mac mini is currently running snow leapord, & we have not upgraded to iLife. My husband’s father is in his late seventies & hates computers. We burn dvd’s of family events & of grandchildren & great grandchildren & send to him.
    I noticed the question, will iDVD work once you change operating system to osx lion was never answered. I do understand new systems do not include it, however, on older model Mac minis with iDVD already installed, will a change over to osx lion disable or erase or delete or cause idvd to stop working?

      6/14/12 @ 8:25 am

      Never answered? Check my first comment.

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