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Will Lion still run some PowerPC apps like Quicken 2007?

I am currently running Snow Leopard and having no difficulties with Quicken 2007 and MS Office 2004. But, I’ve heard a rumor that Lion will no longer support Power PC apps. Is this true? I have heard nothing good about the newer “Quicken Essentials” and have been reluctant to upgrade.
Bob Wolf

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    10 years ago

    I haven’t heard either way whether Lion will run PowerPC-only applications. I think with Snow Leopard we had to wait to the last minute to learn that too.
    But it may be time to consider upgrading just to get that Intel version, even if the reviews aren’t good. I would definitely look at updating Office as you are several versions behind and there is nothing wrong with the latest and greatest there.

      10 years ago

      Thanks Gary! I love your website! You really keep us informed & educated. :))

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