Forum Question: Will mobileme’s end affect my iWeb blog?

Gary, I’ve had an iWeb blog for several years which is linked to a GoDaddy domain name Will the end of MobileMe mean I have to change to something like WordPress or can I continue with iWeb?
Martha Russell

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    6/16/11 @ 8:54 pm

    Well, assuming that the experts (including me) are right:
    You won’t be able to host a site at MobileMe after 6/30/12.
    iWeb will still work, even though it will be getting old, having not been updated since iLife 09.
    So you could use iWeb to publish to an FTP site if you want. But you can’t expect the iWeb application to be updated anymore. So I would recommend moving to an online solution like WordPress, yes. I’m doing a series all this week on alternatives. I will be continuing the series later in July with more alternatives.

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