Forum Question: Will Time Machine back up encrypted data?


Would you know if Time Machine and/or SuperDuper/Carbon Copy Cloner will back up an encrypted sparse disk image that is sitting on an external drive connected to my Mac?


— Michelle

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    7/19/10 @ 7:05 am

    It should, yes. The disk image is just a “file” sitting on that drive. As long as that drive is being backed up by Time Machine, then that file that is an encrypted disk image should be backed up with it.
    As for CCC and SuperDuper, you can have those back up and/or copy anything you want — so this “file” can definitely be copied as part of a backup.

    7/25/10 @ 11:13 am

    I wondered this too, so I created a “test” disk image sparsebundle that was encrypted.

    (I have a Freeagent external drive.)

    I put a few files in it and left it on my imac for several days, letting Time Machine” back up as always. Then I deleted it and let Time Machine do its thing for several more days.

    After about a week I went into Time Machine and ‘restored’ the disk image.

    It worked perfectly.

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