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Will Time Machine Continue To Back Up To HD?

I was told that Time Machine would continue to back up to the HD if an external drive was unplugged and Time Machine was left on. Is this true?

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    7 years ago

    Not quite sure what you are asking. If you have Time Machine backed up to an external drive, and you disconnect the drive, then there is no way that your Mac can continue to back up to the drive until you connect it again. Time Machine is great, but it isn't magical.
    Or, perhaps you are thinking of the feature for MacBooks called "local snapshots." This uses empty space on your drive to save backup versions of your files. It is handy when you are on the go, say on a trip, and you want to restore a file from an hour or a day ago, but your Time Machine drive is at home. You can read more about it at But this isn't a true backup solution as if your computer is damaged or stolen, it doesn't help you.

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