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Hi Gary, Just bought a mac pro and need your help. How do i import all my emails from microsoft outlook to mac mailbox/ entourage

— nilesh panpaliya

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    6/8/10 @ 9:25 am

    It depends on a lot of things. If you email is kept on the server (IMAP or Exchange) then there is not much to do. You don’t “import” email because it is really on the server. Just set up Mail or Entourage on your Mac.
    If your email is not kept on the server (POP), then you need to export from Outlook and then import that file on your Mac. I’m not sure what export options Outlook has. But you should be able to export in a variety of formats, and then import one of those into Mail. Same for Entourage, though I’m not sure of the import options there as I haven’t used it in years.

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