Forum Question: Windows / Vmware – Its effects on a Mac

I switched to a Mac recently and learnt a lot from your videos and Q & A’s. THank you very much.
My Mac has Windows XP installed using VMWare. I only use windows to run a scanner that works only with windows. My questions are,
Does Windows use up a lot of HD space and how can I check its file/disc size? Under my apps, there is file which is 183 MB. Is this it?
Does it slow the Mac down (speed and performance), when ‘Windows’ is not open?
How can I uninstall Windows, if i decide to.

Appreciate your advice.


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    3/25/11 @ 8:19 am

    I’m not sure where VMWare stores its virtual hard drive. I’d check their support site to find out. It is probably much much larger than 183MB. There has to be the entire Windows install there at least. So several GB.
    It won’t slow your Mac down when your are not running it.
    To uninstall, see the VMWare documentation/help.
    This seems a bit extreme to run VMWare+Windows just to access a scanner. It would be cheaper to buy a new modern scanner that works with Mac. The last two printers I bought are also 600dpi+ wireless scanners and both were less than $100.

    3/25/11 @ 10:36 pm

    Thanks, Gary.

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