Forum Question: WWDC 2010 Announcements

I was just wondering if Apple is done presenting all of their new features and products as of Monday. Does Apple spend one day presenting all of their stuff, or will they be presenting stuff all week? Will the rest of the week simply be dedicated to third-party companies showing off their merchandise for macs?

— Matt

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    6/8/10 @ 7:08 am

    Typically Apple makes all of it’s announcements during the opening keynote, yes. They may release something later in the week, like a minor update, but probably not. The real conference is about developers attending sessions to learn from experts about different aspects of programming and such. There are also exhibits by companies that want to show off products to developers, and announcements of new products by other companies as well. But these should all be geared toward developers, not the general public, as that is what the WWDC is about.

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