Forum Question: YouTube hijacked?

Yesterday I went to Youtube and watched a few videos. A while later I went back to watch some more.
But when I clicked on a video it took me to a page that looked like a youtube page but everything was slightly different and exaggerated.
I have clicktoflash so I normally get a blank window until I load the video.
This time I got a blank window and text in “big blue and red letters” saying I needed to update my flash.
I have SWF and Flv player which is up to date as are all my apps.
I did not click the link to upgrade as it looked like a scam.
I shut down the computer overnight and today youtube is back to normal.
Was this a hijacking? What can I do to stop it?
I have firewall enabled and all security settings recommended.
I also have iantivirus which picked up nothing.

— Bruce

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    2/28/10 @ 4:25 pm

    This could have been a few things. It could have all been legitimate. People can customize their YouTube channels. So this can account for those videos looking a little different. For instance, the MacMost channel is custom:
    The update could have been a legitimate update to Flash. Impossible to tell now. But you can go to Adobe’s site to be sure to get the latest Flash.
    Or, it could have been hijacking — as you mentioned. This can happen at the ISP level, your router (Cable or DSL modem) on on your Mac. I’m not aware of anyway for someone to hijack the DNS lookup tables on your Mac unless they specifically had access to your Mac and wanted to play a trick on you.
    As for hijacking of your router or your ISP’s equipment — it is possible. I don’t know much about that, however, so I can’t advise you on it.

    3/5/10 @ 1:32 pm

    I never heard back from Youtube as to whether or not this was or wasn’t their page. Seems like a simple thing for them to answer.
    Since I never changed my flash and everything reverted to normal the next day I’m convinced this was a hijacking or a re-direct at the very least.
    I just want others to be aware that if they come across this, it is probably a scam and to get out of it asap.
    I don’t use a router.

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