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I’m so grateful for everyone that helps support MacMost through my Patreon campaign. Your contributions help make this site ad-free for all! But I also realize that not everyone has the ability to contribute monetarily. And that’s fine. There are also ways to help MacMost that won’t cost you a penny.

MacMost has free channels and products in a variety of places, such as the iTunes podcast, the iOS app store, iBooks and Udemy. When new people discover these free things, they are often finding out about MacMost for the first time. A key element that lets people find these things is reviews. Recent reviews are an important factor in determining what shows up when people search for podcasts, apps, books and courses. So these free MacMost channels and products could always use more reviews!

In short: Help MacMost by leaving reviews. More reviews = more people discovering MacMost through searches.

The iTunes Podcast
While the best way to view new MacMost tutorials is here at the website, I also post them to a podcast. Many people discover MacMost for the first time by browsing or searching in iTunes. Your review in iTunes could really help! Click the “View in iTunes” button and leave a review.

The MacMost App
I’ve also created a simple app in the iOS app store for the iPhone and iPad. Like the podcast, this is the same tutorial content at the site. The purpose of the app is to allow people to discover MacMost through app store searches. You can leave a review in the App Store after downloading the free app.

The Practical Guide to Mac Security Book and Course
I created a free ebook and course on Mac Security. I made them free because I think security is too important to let someone go without this information just because they were hesitant to spend a few dollars. The benefit I get out of a free book and course is that it helps people discover MacMost. So I could use some
reviews of the book and reviews of the Udemy course. In addition, I highly recommend that you read or watch the information as Mac security is something every Mac user should know about!

Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets
Like the podcast and app, other places I post to include the top two social media outlets. But surprisingly few people see these posts. Facebook, for example, only shows my posts to a small fraction of the people who follow MacMost on Facebook. The Facebook hits me up for money so more people can see them. You can help by liking the MacMost Facebook page and then — most importantly — liking the posts. The more likes they get, the more valuable Facebook considers the content. Likewise, with Twitter, retweets help spread the word about MacMost.

Post About MacMost On Your Blog or Page
If you have your own blog, contribute to one, run a user group, or have any sort of website, a mention and link to is always appreciated! Search engines rank sites like MacMost higher in searches if they see lots of people linking to the site. Thanks!

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    2 years ago

    All good!

    John Stires
    2 years ago

    I tell literally everyone I know about MacMost, Patreon ANY Udemy courses including sharing your MM posts and waving your flag! I always include: “He’s the type of guy who always gives more than he asks for,” as that has been my experience.

    Ted Cohen
    2 years ago

    Your lessons and topics are wonderful. Keep them coming. We as users can choice to listen or not, but everything you offer is wonderful

    Terry Gibson
    2 years ago

    I know I can count on Gary for tips to help me improve my Apple computing. I always send new Apple computer users to MacMost. Gary keeps it simple – we all need that!

    George Rubin
    2 years ago

    Gary does such and outstanding job in explaining things in a way everyone can understand. Gary makes my job as President of the Naples Macfriends User Group much easier.

    Edward Glinski
    2 years ago

    This is the absolute best option for Mac Training on the internet. The Udemy courses are very low cost and are very comprehensive. Gary is a natural born teacher. He delivers his message in a concise and outstanding demonstrative manner. At my apple store here in Oklahoma City, I had the opportunity to participate in the 1 on 1 courses. Apple discontinued this offering, and MacMost has picked up the teaching banner. I am most grateful to Gary and this site. I learned a lot and share MacMost

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