Freeze Frame In iMovie

The Freeze Frame feature in iMovie allows you to easily stop the action and create several seconds of a still image in the middle of your video. You can use this for dramatic effect. You can also cut out the freeze frame portion and apply a filter or other effect.
Video Transcript / Captions
Closed captioning for this video is available on YouTube: Freeze Frame In iMovie.

Now an easy thing for you to do in iMovie to create some dramatic effect is to use Freeze Frames. Freeze frames basically stop the action and create a still frame in the video and then continue it afterwards.

So, for instance, here I've got this surfing video. You can see it's just a surfer and then the wave surrounds him here. It would be neat to freeze the frame right before they are enclosed in the wave. So right around here. So I'm going to click there and you can see it puts the marker right where I want it to.

Now to add the freeze frame I go to Modify, Add Freeze Frame. You can see what it does here is it creates this little spot where it freezes. You can see as I rollover it, it freezes there. This entire area marked by the hand is frozen and then it continues right here.

I can adjust the freeze frame point by dragging one of these two circles here. So I can actually drag this circle in and have a shorter freeze frame or out to have a longer freeze frame. So let's create a shorter freeze frame there. If I put the cursor there and hit space you can see it plays through, pauses, resumes.

So I can do really cool things by adding some music here or maybe just recording a voiceover here with commentary just talking about what's going on in this freeze frame.

This is great for sport shots, you know, to freeze just as the ball is going into the basket or the batter is about to hit the ball. That kind of thing. Even after a volleyball spike or something you could put some really cool dramatic effect to get that nice freeze frame in there and have it continue.

You see it keeps it all together as one object here in the timeline. So it's very easy to move around and edit and things like that.

If you want to do something a little extra it's easy to cut out this portion here. If I click on the hand I get the start/end points for the freeze frame and you see it kind of locks to them as I move my cursor there. I can click there, do Command B for split, select it again, easily position my cursor here and Command B for split.

So now I've split it into three clips. Before freeze frame and after. There's really no change to the video itself. It looks the same except now there are three separate clips. So I can select this one and say apply a filter to it. Now I've got it filtered and you can see it changes color and then goes back. So it's kind of a nice thing that you can do by adding a filter to only the freeze frame and not the video before and after.