GarageBand Audio Editing Basics

GarageBand is a complex app with a lot of functionality, but you can use it just to trim, merge and mix simple audio files. Also learn how to add a fade out and filter before exporting.

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    3 years ago

    Just some short praise, Gary. You are so terrific at explaining just the basics to get us started. You teach in sequence, with simpler ideas first and complex ones later. Excellent training. Thanks.

    3 years ago

    Vic: Thanks!

    3 years ago

    I love GarageBand. Years ago when they had the Podcast version I was able to use slides to act as markers to go with the audio. Now you can use iMovie in much the same way. However, to add richness to the audio, GarageBand has it way over iMovie. I often create my script in GarageBand, record the narration, add layers of music and sound effects and then save the audio to import into iMovie. In iMovie I can adjust the slides to fit the audio. Thanks Gary for explaining the parts in GB.

    3 years ago

    Hi Gary—I have some GB projects from 2017 that won’t open. They have the .band extension and I can tap Previews to see their structure, but that’s it. Have you any advice? I’m guessing that nothing can be done without reverting to the GB version that they were created in &/or the macOS of that vintage.

    3 years ago

    Jasper: Doesn't matter when the projects were created, but which version of GarageBand you were using at the time. There was a major change in October 2013, but you could have still been using that old version in 2017. So what happens when you try to open the file, exactly? Is there a message?

    Ed Mullery
    3 years ago

    Hi Gary. I have an mp3 file made from an old audio cassette. It has three separate audio recordings in it. Call them speech A, speech B, and song C. (They were on the cassette and were created consecutively on the mp3.)

    I would like to separate the contents of this one mp3 file and create 3 files: speech A.mp3, speech B.mp3, and song C.mp3.

    Would GarageBand be the best application to do this separation? Or something like the free Audacity? I have no experience with either. Thanks!!

    3 years ago

    Ed: For something that simple, just use QuickTime player. See

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