Get Reminders In Your Car

With the latest versions of OS X and iOS you can set reminders so that you get an alert when you enter or exit your car. The trick is that you should have your iPhone’s Bluetooth paired to your car. Then create a reminder in the Reminders app to remind you “At a Location” and select either “Getting in Car” or “Getting out of Car.” You can set these Reminders on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or any device that is hooked into your iCloud account and using the latest OS. Then your iPhone is most likely going to be the one to notify you since that is probably the device you will be pairing with your car.

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    Tom Torrioni
    6 years ago

    This is extremely useful because I always set reminders for "when I leave here" or "Remind me when I get home (or the office or wherever it is I'm heading.) The app works great except I always have to drive back or get reminded 1000 feet from my destination. Getting reminded the moment I get in or out of the car is way more useful. Thanks, Gary. Now I have a related question. How do I delete no longer used locations? My list is getting way too long.

    6 years ago

    Tom: Not sure. I only see Work and Home, which I assume come from my contacts. If you find out, let us know.

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