Get Stock Quotes With Spotlight

You don’t need to go to a web page or even use the Stocks app for a quick look at a price. Just use Command+space to open Spotlight and type the symbol, like AAPL. You’ll get the current price, a chart, and other information. You can also use the company name and the word “stock,” which comes in handy for symbols that are too basic to be recognized as stocks, like “AT&T stock,” or when you don’t know the symbol. Click on the result and you go to the Stocks app. Works more or less the same way on iOS in search too.

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    Rich Brenner
    4 months ago

    I hit opens Spotlight. I type a stock symbol and it gives me a menu that starts Network.

    4 months ago

    Rich: Which version of macOS? Did you try different symbols? Did you try the company name and the word Stock? Do you have anything disabled in System Preferences, Spotlight?

    Rich Brenner
    4 months ago

    Thanks for your response. I am using 10.14.6 Mojave. It works great if I type the symbol and then the word stock. Great tip.

    Dennis Singstock
    3 months ago

    The NUMBERS function STOCK(“TICKER SYMBOL”,”PRICE”) gets the PRICE. The PRICE is retrieved from Yahoo Finance or Google and is the last closing price.
    Earlier Google PRICE meant current price. About August 2018 Google terminated its intraday API so the author of a commercial program I have switched to Yahoo Finance.
    My commercial program pulls in the current price from Yahoo, so the author must have a function he uses and pays a fee to Yahoo Finance to get up to the minute prices.

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