MacMost Now 731: Getting Apple User Manuals

You can download free Apple user manuals right from Apple. Almost all Apple products have PDF files that serve as user manuals. You just need to know where to look. Once downloaded they can be easily read and searched.

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    poppy fogarty
    12 years ago

    Wonderful tutorial - I have finally found information on my Mac I never thought
    possible to find.
    Many thanks

    12 years ago

    I love Apple, and MacMostNow, however I must be honest and say that I don't think Apple should get any positive recognition in the category of Help & User Manuals, as they are sooo behind and borderline negligent in this area. For example, I have a 2011 MacBook Air running Lion. There is not a manual available for EITHER product on the above referenced resource! No user manual for a $1k piece of hardware? No user manual for an entire operating system? Boo, Apple.

    I think the only acknowledgment Apple should get in the User Manuals category is negative.

      12 years ago

      Fair enough. But I want to point out that the main purpose of this, and all of my tutorials, is to provide a "how to" video -- not providing "recognition," positive or negative.

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