Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone on Your Mac

Most computer users get accustomed to how they use their computers. But OS X includes many customizable settings that you may like better. Look at how you can use a vertical dock, full screen apps, tap-to-click and sticky keys to alter your Mac user experience.

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    Philip Noguchi
    8 years ago

    Gary, as always picked up a couple of tips. One other thing that I use is setting three fingers to move a window.

    Apple has buried this in the Accessibility menu item Mouse and Trackpad. You have to further click the Trackpad Options button to get a window that sets scrolling speed, inertia scrolling and finally three finger drag.

    I somehow think this used to be under the System Preferences Trackpad button, so maybe it changed during one the macOSX versions. (I'm using macOS 10.11.6.

    Bill (William)
    8 years ago

    Not quite what you want but I use voice recognition a lot with my Mac and prefer Dragon to the built-in option in the iMac. I note that it is important to upgrade in sequence: first the operating system, then Dragon and then Word for Mac. It is better to keep an old version of Dragon and Word that work together rather than upgrade one without the other.

    Don Kryzak
    8 years ago

    I found the standard cursor size to be too small for my vision so I enlarged it. I increased the mouse scroll speed to maximum, for less and movement on my desk. I use the computer frequently throughout the day, so I use a hot corner to put the display to sleep. I only keep 10 items in the Dock. I use a hot corner to activate the Launchpad for other apps used less frequently. I prefer to have open apps in windows stacked with the tool bar showing.

    Thanks for great newsletter.

    8 years ago

    I have always used my dock on the left as I do a lot of screen shots to prepare handouts and they always appear on the right, plus it gives more room to see the whole page I'm working on.

    John Stires
    8 years ago

    I've never used the dock at the bottom, choosing instead to have it on the right. I typically have 6 desktops or screens open and find no difference in availability to the right-oriented dock. Did I misunderstand what you meant about the dock being available only on the most right- or most left-opened screen? I have not found that to be the case.

    8 years ago

    John: By screen, I meant physical displays. I assume you mean virtual screens, like with Mission Control. I have three screens (displays).

    8 years ago

    Thanks for these Gary, i'm going to try tap-to-click. I find hot corners very handy, using them for mission control and sleep. Yes, you've encouraged step outside my comfort zone and explore my Mac some more!

    Kjell Andersson
    8 years ago

    I'f you set the keys to be displayed, and tap it twice, it will lit up and stay!!
    * Great, thanks!

    8 years ago

    thanks Gary great tips, especially like having each app on its own full screen

    Sylvie Op
    8 years ago

    Moving between panes. Wow, I had to replay that one about a dozen times to get my head round it. Finally got it to work as you do (didn't catch that you had to be in full screen all the time). Worked out that you need to press Esc to get out of full screen mode. Very complicated. I think I'll stick to clicking on the dock. But thanks for the brain workout. Sylvie

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