MacMost Now 205: Go Full Screen

Learn how to make your applications fill your screen. Apps mentioned are iTunes, QuickTime, the Finder, iPhoto, iMovie and even Safari. You can find out more about the Saft program mentioned at

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    15 years ago

    Mail will go full screen with the Green Button.

    Safari will go full screen with a simple script that can be added to the book marks bar as a favorite.

    No Dollars.

    15 years ago

    David: Those scripts are very useful. But that isn't really full screen -- it is just maximizing the window size. They are different things. But is maximum window size is all you need, then these work fine.

    14 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    There is an awesome app called right zoom which maximizes every window to full screen like in windows. Actually its not an app but it runs in background and we hv to stop the app by using terminal.
    You can download it here (

    Hope u like it.


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