Good Morning from the Winnies!

Breakfast at the Magic Castle is pretty nice, and as I’m feeling like
the only one on the west coast awake, I’ll fill you in on Winnies stuff
I forgot to mention.

In case you didn’t know, the Winnies is the awards ceremony for internet
video producers, where everybody wins! Actually, it’s like secret
santa, and everyone is assinged another member of the community to give
an award to, which is great because it gives an opportunity for people
to familiarize themselves with members of the community they might not
otherwise get a chance to know. To learn more, go to

It was organized by Irina Slutsky, and she remarkably raised enough
money for an open bar all night. Unfortunately for picture taking, it
was a night club atmosphere, so I didn’t walk away with many digital
souveniers. I did however meet a lot of cool people: Veronica Belmont
who I’m sharing a room with, who presented me with a huge
trophy, Vinvin of Seesmic, Sarah Atwood, Average Betty, Hayden, Tim
Street who I’ve meet in three different citites and who has bought me
lunch but apparently still has no idea who I am and too many more to be

I hear there is a brunch today where I can get a chance to talk more
with people, but not until 1? I guess in LA they don’t know that brunch
comes between 2nd breakfast and elevensies. Either that or they just
don’t eat like hobbits.

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    12/3/07 @ 9:47 pm

    I too hung out with Eve! I managed to take some (drunken) photos which you can find over at .

    I had a good time from what I remember, ..which was up til about the last hour or so. Damn open bar stole my memories.

    12/4/07 @ 10:53 am

    mluschek’s photo set was very good. Looks like a good time was had by all. A sad greeting from the flyover regions of the realm (grin)


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