MacMost Now 153: Google G1 Android Phone

Gary Rosenzweig talks to Jay Shaffer ( about the new Google G1 Android Phone. The phone has iPhone-like features and works best with Google's Web-based services like Gmail.

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    15 years ago

    Hi Guys,

    You're supposedly (I say supposedly because I haven't tested with an actual g1 yet, i've just talked to tmo's customer service about it) wrong about pop/imap email on the g1; it does not count against the 400-message limit. It is billed as data and is part of the 'unlimited' data with either of t-mobile's plans. I can see how you got confused because the 24.99 plan on their web site calls "email" part of the 400-message limit. It's very misleading. What they REALLY mean is that people emailing your phone via traditional email-to-sms will be charged as if a text message; REAL email, be it gmail, imap, or pop, is unlimited.

    14 years ago

    I have a G1 and its amazing I even had the choice for a my touch and personaly I believe the G1 is still one of the best androids

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