Guide to Mac Screen Shots

There are six variations on how to take screen shots using the built-on macOS functionality. You can save screens, areas and windows to files or the clipboard. There is also a Grab app that comes with your Mac that allows you to capture and preview your images before saving. You can also capture timed images. Preview can also be used to capture the screen and QuickTime Player can do video captures.

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    7 years ago

    Thanks for the guide to Mac screen shots. Just what I've been looking for! Particularly the video capture info.

    Arnie Keller
    7 years ago

    One nice advantage of using Preview to take a screenshot is that you have all of Preview's annotation features immediately availableā€”text, arrows, etc.

    Bob Powell
    7 years ago

    I have been using iMacs and MacBooks for years yet everything you showed in this video was new to me. Thanks.

    Jacques Maurissen
    7 years ago

    Very interesting! Does any of these commands allow to you capture a window that spreads over several screens?

    7 years ago

    Jacques: Where are you seeing a window that spreads over multiple screens? Typically, this doesn't happen.

    7 years ago

    Thank you, Gary! I've also been using Mac for many, many years. I knew about Grab and Screen Shots but adding Preview screen shots and especially video will be quite useful. The latter will be great for sending to IT for debugging.

    7 years ago

    Thank you, great tips as usual - always something new to learn!

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