MacMost Now 824: Handling Multiple Layers Of Audio In iMovie 11

It is easy to end up with many layers of audio, such as background sounds, voiceovers, and music, in a typical iMovie project. iMovie includes several tools for letting you control these audio tracks and adjust the volume and position of each.

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    John Dingler, artist
    9 years ago

    Learned about cutaway. Thanks. *S*

    Wim Broerse
    9 years ago

    Thanks for your tutorials. Learned a lot of it!
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

    Rajesh Singh
    9 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    How do u keep multiple video organized when u shoot a scene with 2 or more Camera's?

      9 years ago

      iMovie really doesn't have tools for this. I would use Final Cut Pro for that.

    Joe S.
    9 years ago

    Is it possible to position the audio on the right channel, left channel, or moving dynamically between channels in iMovie?

      9 years ago

      Not in iMovie. But you can do it in GarageBand. Finish the video and then bring it into a GarageBand project and edit the audio there.

    9 years ago

    Thanks a million Gary, This and many of your other videos have been incredibly useful to me. Much more useful than the trainings I did at the Apple Store.

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