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Starting today, will become a community-supported website using Patreon. The regular tutorials and newsletter will still be free, but there will be additional extras for contributors. Find out what Gary has in store, including a club for top supporters and more rewards.
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Hi, this is Gary with Instead of the regular tutorial today I want to take the time to make a big announcement.

Up until now MacMost has mostly been supported by the web ads that you see here on this site. But web advertising is dwindling. I'd really like to eventually just get rid of it. What I want is MacMost to be community supported. So supported by the viewers like you.

So I'm starting today the Patreon compaign for MacMost. If you haven't heard of it Patreon is a website used by thousands of different sites out there from web comic artists to podcasters to people who produce tutorials like this. All sorts of things.

What Patreon allows people to do is contribute directly to the website. So it's kind of like subscribing to the website EXCEPT I'm going to leave everything at MacMost free.

So you don't have to be part of the Patreon campaign in order to see the same videos that I've been posting here, get the Newsletter. That's all going to remain the same. It's all going to be free. But if you'd like to contribute the levels start at just one dollar a month for contributions and go up from there.

I'm creating something in there called Club MacMost. I'm not completely sure what this is going to be but it starts at the five dollar level and I'm going to maybe post some things to people at that level and above like maybe extra little tips or recommendations or I might make short videos with my commentary on Apple news and rumors and things like that.

We'll see how it goes. It will evolve as it goes along. I'm going to create a little Club MacMost community inside of MacMost. There's also going to be higher contribution levels where I'm offering things like, for instance, the online course for free or little mentions of your name or your website in the newsletter or at the sidebar at

So go to the Patreon Campaign. I'll put a link to it here and take a look at the rewards being offered. Maybe consider contributing.

If you can't contribute that's fine. You can continue to enjoy this newsletter and the MacMost content just as before. So just give it a look and I hope you decide to contribute.


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    2 years ago

    Just this once, I will break your rule by posting more than one comment.

    I think Macmost is the most useful Mac resource on the web. It is straightforward, to the point and focuses on practical issues, stuff that we can actually use to get things done and be more efficient.

    It has always amazed me that it’s free! Free sites are usually cluttered, & information so scattered across pages, that it’s difficult to navigate without accidentally clicking on ads or getting distracted by junk.

    2 years ago

    On Macmost, no jumping through hoops. Information is easy to find & subjects are expertly & concisely covered. I must be old school, because I’ve always felt I should be paying for this well layed out information. So I will gladly contribute a few dollars a month to access this wonderful resource.

    2 years ago

    But personally Gary, I don’t understand the way you set this up on Patreon. Usually, you get a little with free membership and a lot more with a paid membership. But you seem to have set it up the other way around: we get almost everything for free, and not much more (it seems) with a paid subscription. I don’t think there is much incentive to contribute. I just hope you can keep this site going, so I will contribute anyway, for what I’m getting now. Thank you very much.

    2 years ago

    Jean-Claude: Thanks! There are two main reasons why I wanted to do Patreon rather than making MacMost a membership site. The first was that I didn’t want to cut people off just because they couldn’t afford it, or didn’t like online payments, or other reasons. The second was that if I put some/most content behind a paywall, then it will be very hard to get new people to MacMost. Search engines wouldn’t give those pages as results, and newcomers wouldn’t have time to get to know MacMost.
    I like the idea of letting people pay what they want according to what they can afford and how much they value the content.

    Jerry Dickerson
    2 years ago

    I have used MacMost for several years now and find most helpful and will continue in the new format. Would like signup for the club.

    2 years ago

    I’d like to contribute too Gary, can I give you …. say $20 for the year rather than signing up for a regular deduction ?

    2 years ago

    Anne: Patreon doesn’t have a way to do that at the moment, sorry.

    2 years ago

    Best of luck to you Gary! Even after working on Macs for over a decade I continue to find useful information here. Thank you!

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