Hide External Disks On Your Desktop

Sick of seeing your Time Machine backup drive or other external drives on your Desktop? You can hide them by going to Finder, Preferences and unchecking External Disks under Show these items on the desktop. To hide network drives, uncheck Connected servers. All of these drives would still be available to you in Finder windows, they just wouldn’t have Desktop shortcuts anymore.

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    6 years ago

    What I've always wanted was to hide external drives on the desktop (which I have done for a long time), but at the same time SHOW mounts of software installation packages (so that I don't have to open a Finder window when I'm done installing in order to dismount it). I'll keep hoping.

    Piet van 't Zelfde
    6 years ago

    I keep two on my desktop, to stow them away I need longer cables and longer arms to switch them on/off.

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