Hiding Columns In Numbers To Perform Complex Calculations

Formulas can get very large and complex. One way to simplify them is to use columns to perform parts of the calculation, and then hide those columns when you have your system working. In this example, we'll use columns to extract the year and month from a date, and then use that in a SUMIF formula that would be very complex otherwise.

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    6 years ago

    Thank you very much for the Numbers Hidden Column Video!

    Tj Laney
    6 years ago

    I use my spreadsheet as a form on iPhone and iPad. I have some columns for calculations that are hidden in spreadsheet view but are visible when using the form view for input. Is there a way to hide these in the form view also?

    6 years ago

    Tj: I don't believe so. So what you'd need to do is to design the table that you use in the form to only contain data. Then put your formulas in other tables. That may be tough to do in some cases.

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