How Long Since Your Last Restart?

Want to know how long your Mac has been up and running since your last restart? Run the Terminal app and type uptime.

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    Jeff Koonce
    6/5/14 @ 8:59 am

    In my Applications my computer, MacBook Pro 13″ with OX 10.8.5, does not have an application called “Terminal”, thus can’t check the uptime.

      6/5/14 @ 9:04 am

      It is in the Utilities folder, inside the Applications folder. Or just use Spotlight or LaunchPad to launch it.

    Davis Newman
    6/5/14 @ 9:45 am

    Is there a recommended time between reboots? My MacBook Pro is a desktop replacement and stays on except when software installs require a reboot, or, when I travel.

      6/5/14 @ 9:49 am

      There is really no need to reboot ever, unless you’ve got to shut down for a power failure, long absence, or you use unstable or beta software that misbehaves.

    Jim Harb
    6/6/14 @ 3:18 am

    What does the Terminal response “2 users” mean?

      6/6/14 @ 5:13 am

      It means there are 2 user sessions currently active. The first one would be you, logged in as usual. The second is the Terminal session you just started in order to run the command.

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