How To Combine Videos On Your Mac

If you need to merge two or more videos into one file, you don't need to do it in iMovie or another video editing app. You can just use QuickTime Player to quickly create a new video file from the original clips.

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    Fisher Glen
    3 years ago

    Can you add transitions between the clips?

    3 years ago

    Fisher: No. youā€™ll need to use iMovie or another video editing app to do that.

    3 years ago

    Helpful thank you.

    Tom Boyer
    3 years ago

    Will this technique work with Sony's AVCHD format? I bought an older Sony video camera that shoots only in AVCHD and I can't seem to break out the various video clips. This tip above seems real helpful for the videos I've made with my iPhone.

    3 years ago

    Tom: Can you open them with QuickTime Player? Try it, but I'm guessing not. If they can't be opened with QuickTime Player, then use something like VLC to convert them first. Or just use your iPhone to shoot video. It is probably better than an old Sony camera anyway.

    Joyce Hann
    3 years ago

    Hi, is there a limit in QuickTime for how many clips can be added? I want to combine a number of files from converted 8 mm movies and burn a dvd for some older relatives. (Dvd is what they can manage and I kept my old MacBook to use its disc drive.)
    Also, what formatting do I need to do to the resulting combined file to work with the old MacBook and create the dvd? I noticed that QuickTime makes a .mov.


    3 years ago

    Joyce: I don't think there is a limit. But it is easy enough to try it and see. But you may want to check with the software you are using to create DVDs to see if there is a way to simply do it in there. As for format, .mov is just a file extension. It does not define the format the video stored inside the file. But the DVD creation software has to convert the video to a special old format for DVDs anyway, so it is only important to the point that the DVD app can read the video. Beyond that it is all the same.

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