How to Reset NVRAM On Your Mac

While restarting your Mac may help solve some problems, restarting while holding down specific keys will also clear out NVRAM, sometimes called PRAM, which can also help clear out some issues. Give this a try if you can't seem to fix a problem with just a regular restart.

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    7 years ago

    Hi Gary, just watched NVRAM video. I have a constant problem with my mid-2012 MB Air. I get the rolling ball in Safari, sometimes for a few seconds sometimes longer and it even freezes. Would clearing up th NVRAM be of any help. Thks for your time.

    7 years ago

    Jean-Marc: It is worth a try. But most likely you'll need to take to an expert for a first-hand look to see what is causing this. Try the Genius Bar if you can.

    7 years ago

    I'd do these steps:
    back up with time machine
    reset NVRAM
    open disk utility and choose 'repair'
    use recovery boot and re-install software

    7 years ago

    Most people have trouble using the key combination of three on the left & one on the right side of the keyboard. Instead I recommend using Command & R on the left side plus Option & P on the right side of the keyboard. It's easier you haven't used the process before.

    7 years ago

    Should this be done even though there aren't any issues ?

    7 years ago

    Juan: No. There's no reason to restart nor clear your NVRAM unless you are trying to fix a problem.

    7 years ago

    I do not think this has anything to do with NAVRAM but rather the loss of Internet link which might only be brief but during a call out.This exact phenom happens to me and is due to the data loss on sending out or reception of it so Safari hangs. My solution: close the Internet connection, re-open, quit Safari, restart it to the same process. clear history and delete cookies. It has nothing to do with the OS nor NAVRAM. Corrupt cookies can do this Safari fail.

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