How To Take, Mark Up and Share Screenshots On a Mac

Learn how to properly take a screenshot, mark it up, and share it with others. Learn how to avoid three common mistakes people make when doing this and how to best share a screenshot instead of sending a large email attachment.

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    Greg Naughton
    2 years ago

    How can I save this and any other tutorialā€™s on my iPad ?

    2 years ago

    Greg: Just bookmark the web page to return to it later.

    2 years ago

    As always, Gary, cracking video, stuffed full of information that is useful, even after 8 years of using a Mac. Thank you.

    Louis Martin
    1 year ago

    On my still working MacPro 2010 with 3 Mac OS, I use Sharpshooter for screen capture not available for Ventura 13.1 on my Mac mini M1. This software gave me the possibility to rename the screen before sending it on the desktop. Apple's own screen capture as related in you video does not permit me to rename the screen capture on the fly but only afterwards on the desktop. Or did I miss something in your presentation ? Thanks. Is there another way to view your response other than returning here ?

    1 year ago

    Louis: Use Command+Shift+5 to bring up the screenshot utility. Click Options. Change the "Save To" option to Preview. Now when you take a screenshot it opens up, unsaved, in Preview. A quick Command+S there and you can save it wherever you want with whatever name you want.
    (As for your last sentence, I'm not sure what you mean. You asked a question here in the comments for this post, so that's where the response would be.)

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