How To Uninstall Apps In Mac OS X

Uninstalling apps is usually very easy and straight-forward in OS X. Most apps can be uninstalled either using Launchpad or by simply dragging the app to the Trash. Some apps will require an uninstaller or for you to search the developer's website for instructions.

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    Wendy Farkas
    8 years ago

    What about getting rid of associated files (prefs, Library files, etc) Is this important to do? What about an app like AppCleaner? OK to use?

    8 years ago

    Wendy: Most apps no longer store Library files. If they do, then they usually include an uninstaller for that. Or, they detail that in their uninstall instructions. If an app is just a drag-to-the-trash uninstall, then it shouldn't include any Library files.
    Prefs files are another matter. They are usually left so that if you reinstall the app you can keep your preferences. I wouldn't bother deleting them as they are almost always very tiny compared to the size of your drive. It would be like worrying about the weight of the dust in your car affecting your gas mileage.
    I mention third-party uninstalling apps in the video. I don't think they are necessary. I don't use them.

    Ken Hoyle
    8 years ago

    Great video. However I have often found that dragging an App to the Trash and even sometimes with AppCleaner, Folders and LaunchAgents/Daemons are often left behind in Application Support and in User/System Libraries and Login Items in Users and Groups
    Those Launch files can make for a very slow Startup as they are still loaded as the Mac starts. Therefore I always check the Libraries and Login Items after every uninstall, even if using an App's own uninstaller.



    donald van gorden
    8 years ago

    I would like to uninstall some apple apps from my dock, such as garage band, keynote etc.
    If I uninstall them, can I get them back at a later time ?? Thanks

    8 years ago

    Donald: "Uninstall" means to remove the app from your Mac. If you just want the shortcut off of your dock, but the app still on your Mac should you choose to run it occasionally, then just drag the shortcut up and out of the Dock. See For details.

    8 years ago

    Thanks for the video. I hope this is related. I used to have an EPSON printer. I got rid of it and uninstalled the app for it. But I keep getting an update in the app store for it. Is there a way to have this not appear anymore? Thanks.

    8 years ago

    Michael: Yes. Run the App Store app. Click on Purchased at the top. Control+click on an app icon in the list and select Hide Purchase. Now it should no longer prompt you for updates.

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