How To Use ChatGPT and Bard To Get Tech Help

A good alternative to online forums for tech help is to use the new AI chat sites. Since they draw on a large sample of online information, you can often get help quickly and easily ask follow-up questions.

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    Robert Gramling
    1 year ago

    Are the ChatGPT/Bard types of info sites gathering and selling our info like Google? THX, Bob

    1 year ago

    Robert: Not sure what you mean exactly. Bard IS Google, but ChatGPT is not.

    Tim Woolmer
    1 year ago

    one of the things that annoys me with web-based searches such as google is that the results contain software vendors who say that buying their software is the solution. This only happens at the end of the article and the name of the page doesn't give a clue. Of course I don't buy it but it takes time and energy
    Chat GPT doesn't try to sell me anything.

    Richard Morrill
    1 year ago

    great info on chat gbt. very practical. Thanks so much Gary

    1 year ago

    I just got to France and I'll be here until September. Though I've used ChatGPT often, I've never tried Bard, and I decided to give it a go after viewing your video. As it turns out, Bard is only available in the UK and the US thus far. Sure, I could use a VPN, but that's not necessary with ChartGPT. In fact, I can comfortably and easily interact with ChatGPT in French. This may be worth pointing out to your foreign viewers. By the way, thanks for all the great stuff you publish. MacMost rocks!

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