How To Use the Mac Color Picker

The Mac Color Picker will appear when you want to choose a color in most Mac apps. You'll see it when you want to set the color of text, shapes, adjust images, draw, and many more places. There are several ways to choose colors and some of them are highly customizable.

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    Ian MacGregor
    4 years ago

    I took a screenshot of a webpage because I like the shade of red used in the page. How do I bring up a loupe to be able to get the hex value of a color used in the screenshot? I know I can buy an app that does this but I won't be performing this task often enough to justify buying a stand-alone app for the task. Does macOS have a stand-alone loupe that I can use for this?

    4 years ago

    Ian: You've got an app on your Mac called Digital Color Meter that does this. Use Spotlight to find it and launch it.

    Frank McLellan
    4 years ago

    Re: IanM's question - could he not also open Color Picker and use the eye dropper to get the colour, then go to RGB Slider and the Hex Value should be there as well.

    4 years ago

    Frank: Yes. Digital Color Meter is just a more direct tool for doing it.

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