How To Use the New Music App On the Mac Without Subscribing To Apple Music

After upgrading to macOS Catalina, many users mistakenly believe that the new Music app requires that you subscribe to Apple Music. In fact, you can use the Music app just like you used the old iTunes app. You can ignore Apple Music and listen to songs in yoru own library, import new music just like you did before, and also buy music in the iTunes Store. You can also disable Apple Music entirely in the app.

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    4 years ago

    Thank you so much for the info about the new music app on my mac. I was one of those that thought I had to have Apple Music to play or find my music.

    Marcia Christ
    4 years ago

    Thank you for this. I still don't understand why my Mac book and my iMac that are signed up with the same Apple ID are not showing all my music on my Mac book.

    4 years ago

    Marcia: Music syncs across your devices automatically only if you are using Apple Music or iTunes Match. Otherwise, you can use Home Sharing to access your iMac's music on your MacBook.

    4 years ago

    Once again Gary, thanks for such a clear and concise explanation. If you have the time/inclination a similar tutorial on the new Podcast system would be good. Very best wishes. Al

    Jon Tardiff
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary, Thanks for this SUPER-helpful explanation! Can you do a podcast about the iPhone too? When I search on my music it always brings me to the Apple store. Cheers, -Jon

    4 years ago

    Jon: It is the same thing in the Music app on the iPhone. Do a search and you'll see "Apple Music" and "Your Library" at the top. Tap "Your Library" to switch to that.

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