How To Video Chat and Stay In Touch With Others Using Your Apple Devices

Your Mac, iPhone or iPad can be used as a way to video chat with others while you are stuck at home away from friends, family, work or school. Technology can help with social distancing. FaceTime is great for Apple-to-Apple communication. Skype and Facebook Messenger can be used for cross-platform communication or with those who are more comfortable with those services.

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    8 months ago

    Zoom seems to be popular in the academic community because it is stable and allows multiple simultaneous users. I have tried Skype with multiple simultaneous users but got into a mess with it because people kept dropping out. I guess any advice you can give about stability, multiple users and options when broadband width begins to run out would be helpful.

    8 months ago

    Will: Zoom is pretty good for multiple users, yes. I haven’t done Skype with many users before.

    Scott Hagarty
    8 months ago


    I know that Facetime is very secure, can you advise if Skype is? We need to contact our clients who don’t own Apple products via a secure system.


    8 months ago

    Scott: I have no idea how secure Skype is. What sort of clients? I know medical professionals need to use HIPPA-compliant apps. I don’t know if Skype is. But I’m sure you can look on Microsoft’s Skype info to find out.

    8 months ago

    Must one’s device be on Wi-Fi to use FaceTime? Other apps for video conferencing?

    8 months ago

    Gene: No. You can use it over any Internet connection that is robust enough. People use FaceTime on their iPhones via mobile networks all the time.

    Jim Terrinoni
    8 months ago

    Excellent and timely. Keep up your fabulous work.

    8 months ago

    Google Duo between Mac (iPhone or computer and Windows/PC/Android

    Kathleen Santelle
    8 months ago

    Face Time question: I am setting up a group face time chat with 9 members. One member can only see 1 person and not the group. She is using an iPad that is 2 years old. How can I get her to be part of the group?

    7 months ago

    Kathleen: Hard to guess what could be wrong. Are they using the most up-to-date version of iPadOS?

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