MacMost Now 823: Image Editing With Mountain Lion Preview

You can perform some basic and fun image editing using only the Preview app that comes with your Mac. You can cut out a part of one image and paste it into another. You can also crop and resize an image before exporting it to share it.

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    Dr. Jacqui Cyrus
    9 years ago

    Thank you for sharing a quick lesson activity that I can use with my UG students.

    9 years ago

    Great episode. Preview is full of wonderful, surprising, and frequently hidden features. Also, like your new theme song (or am I imagining that it is new?).

    9 years ago

    Great video. As always it helps me discover some hidden but very helpful features of my Mac. Please is it possible to add a frame / border to a picture in Preview? Or to make a collage (for example 2-4 photos and a text on a uni-colour background. And if not what app would you recommend?

      9 years ago

      It is possible. You can use annotations to draw a box. And you can use copy and paste to piece together images.
      But if you do that a lot, maybe something like Pixelmator will be more useful. I've done many tutorials on that too.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    9 years ago

    It`s amazing what Preview can do. I can remember quite some time ago when you helped me to get the App back on my computer.
    Apple hadn`t a clue,but you knew straight away,and you evan had a video which showed you what you could then.
    Watching this one it`s getting better than Photoshop Gary.

    John Bertram
    9 years ago

    Nice tutorial -- learned some good tips. But am I imagining things, or did an earlier version of Preview not have an Option-something ability to rotate whole images (or selection areas) in increments other than only 90 degrees? I'm just not finding a way to do this in the current ML edition. I know they want to keep Preview "simple", but did Apple really go to the bother of *removing* what strikes me as some already pretty basic functionality?

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