iMovie Cropping

When you have a video or photo that does not fit into your iMovie video project exactly, you most crop it one way or another. You can decide to cut off portions of the image so it fills the frame, or you can show more of the image, but have black bars in the space not covered. You can adjust the cropping to best fit your needs.

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    10 years ago

    iMovie has always been a mystery to me.. It didn't helped when Apple changed apps from iMovie HD. So thanks for this iMovie series. Very good and useful.

    Kurt Hanson
    10 years ago

    To view an entire photo at 16:9 try Kens Burns effect full-width at the top/beginning of the photo, and also the bottom/full-width ending of the photo.

    To spend hours/days on end playing with iMovie, Logic Pro X to eventually master an applications potential. Ah ā€¦! the joys of life. :)

    Bruce John Shourt
    10 years ago

    The relatively recent epidemic (the last few years) of enlarging and cropping films and movies (by movies I mean videos) is a postproduction atrocity that should be outlawed. Besides altering the visual history record, that is, the carefully composed framing, whether it is historical news material or storytelling, the result is a horrible degrading of the resolution of the image compared to the modern high-definition video. Even Ken Burns, the master documentarian, succumbed to this horrible practice recent documentary about the Central Park five.

    10 years ago

    Another good trick when placing still photos that don't fit 4:3 or 16:9 is to layer two copies of the same photo. Take a photo and blur it in Pixelmator. Place this photo in your imovie project. Then place another UNEDITED version of the same photo over top. Select "green screen" in the cutaway option drop down. Even though there is no green screen used, the black bars will be replaced with the underlying blurred version of the same photo. It makes a nice effect.

    jakob blazovich
    10 years ago

    does anyone now how i can crop more than one videos at the same time ?
    in the old imovie it was possible to select all clips with cmd + A and than crop all at the same time in exactly the same way.


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