iMovie Picture-In-Picture

You can place one video or photo over another in iMovie using picture-in-picture. Then you can position and resize the overlaying video. You can add transitions and even have the one video swap places with the other. Side-by-side is a similar effect that places two videos next to each other.

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    J. Wilson
    10 years ago

    Hello, I have been trying to add arrow pointers to my son's football highlights. I have been combing through all the topics and it isn't working. I brought the picture to preview to size it, I downloaded pointers. When I bring the picture over a black box appears. I edit it, the picture doesn't show in in crop and it let me mess with the arrow in ken burns but it still doesn't show up. The settings are on crop. It is on 3-fps, I can't change it. It worked before, now it's not.

      10 years ago

      Hard to say what could be wrong. Make sure it is a 32-bit transparent graphic. Make sure you use picture-in-picture. Make sure you set the cropping right. I'll have a new video on how to do this in a few weeks, but it is basically the same as it was in previous versions of iMovie. So keep working at it.

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