iMovie Semi-Transparent Overlays

You can use semi-transparent images in iMovie as cutaways and picture-in-picture sources. This allows you to bring in almost any graphic element. You can use arrows and circles on your videos, for instance. You'll need to create the image in an editor like Photoshop or Pixelmator, and same it as a 32-bit PNG file. Then you can drag and drop it into iMovie.

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    Joel Anderson
    10 years ago

    Can you also make the drawn object (arrow or circle, in this case) semi-transparent (iow, so that you can see what might otherwise be partially obscured behind the shape's lines)?

      10 years ago

      Yes. As long as the graphics program you are using can make transparent images, you can make anything you want.

    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I picked up a lot of new and useful information in those six minutes. Much appreciated. Al

    10 years ago

    Really useful,will use it to generate my own titles , thank you, keep up the great work ! Richard

    10 years ago

    Very useful info. Looking forward to using it.

    10 years ago

    This will be great for TEXT - just upgraded, both Mavericks and iMovie and find it not as user friendly as the previous version. Can you also insert a Gif over a slide or video?

    Keep it coming.

      10 years ago

      No, I don't think GIF files will work. But PNGs are better to use anyway.

    10 years ago

    Just a word of thanks. This and other videos of yours are a true help for the novice user.

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