iMovie Video Effects

Explore iMovie's video effects. You can make color and quality adjustments on each video clip. You can also apply a variety of special effects, like aged film, to each clip. Controls let you speed up, slow down or freeze frame.

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    David Caley
    10 years ago

    Thanks, very helpful, I had learned iMovie prior to this edition and found I was lost. You have encouraged me to proceed to master the new format. David

    10 years ago

    Hello Gary. Glad you posted this video about the new features in iMovie. I have been trying to capture a still image and I am having a difficult time. Please send info. Thank you.

    M. Jae
    10 years ago

    I appreciate your videos and that you provide transcripts - particularly helpful for those of us who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, by the way. Working with the iMovie 13, I can't figure out why my cropped video clips end up at different layers in the timeline when I drag them into it. Please help.

      10 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. In iMovie version 10 (there is no 13) you can drag a clip to the timeline before or after a clip already there. Or, if you drag it above the timeline it can be used as an overlay (picture-in-picture, cutaway or side-by-side).

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