Interactive Charts In Numbers

Numbers lets you create charts that have an extra dimension. You can move through columns of data using a slider or buttons, with the chart changing to reflect the data in each column. This can be useful for showing changes over time.

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    Joel Anderson
    10 years ago

    Never knew this feature existed. Thanks, Gary!

    Seth Rosenblum
    10 years ago

    Excellent Gary, Thank You!

    10 years ago

    Gary, end of video 'share w/PC users by using Numbers iCloud.' Is there a post for doing this and creating a link and sharing it? (I presume the PC user goes to the cloud to view and share comment regarding the Numbers interactive charts data.) Does this make sense?

      10 years ago

      Just try it and you'll see. Go to and look at your Numbers documents.

    Greg Parry
    10 years ago

    Thanks, Gary. Will the interactivity be retained if you import the chart into iBooks Author?

      10 years ago

      No idea. Try it and see. iBooks Author has its own interactivity widgets, so I'm thinking it is better to use those, but I don't use iBooks Author for anything so I don't really know.

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