Interactive Charts In Numbers

Numbers lets you create charts that have an extra dimension. You can move through columns of data using a slider or buttons, with the chart changing to reflect the data in each column. This can be useful for showing changes over time.

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    Joel Anderson
    9 years ago

    Never knew this feature existed. Thanks, Gary!

    Seth Rosenblum
    9 years ago

    Excellent Gary, Thank You!

    9 years ago

    Gary, end of video 'share w/PC users by using Numbers iCloud.' Is there a post for doing this and creating a link and sharing it? (I presume the PC user goes to the cloud to view and share comment regarding the Numbers interactive charts data.) Does this make sense?

      9 years ago

      Just try it and you'll see. Go to and look at your Numbers documents.

    Greg Parry
    9 years ago

    Thanks, Gary. Will the interactivity be retained if you import the chart into iBooks Author?

      9 years ago

      No idea. Try it and see. iBooks Author has its own interactivity widgets, so I'm thinking it is better to use those, but I don't use iBooks Author for anything so I don't really know.

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