iOS 12 Locks Out GrayKey Hack

Earlier this year people were talking about the GrayKey box, a device that allowed law enforcement, and possibly others, to crack the security on an iPhone and gain access to the contents. But now it seems that Apple has figured out the problem and a fix was a part of iOS 12.

A Forbes article claims that the device can’t get to the contents of data on an iPhone using iOS 12. Only time will tell if the makers of GrayKey come up with a new method.

Comments: 2 Responses to “iOS 12 Locks Out GrayKey Hack”

    Lynn Hunton
    9 months ago

    Shame on you. We should all be supporting our country and it’s efforts to protect us all and apprehend those working against us

    9 months ago

    Lynn: Not sure who the “you” is in your statement. Me? I had nothing to do with either GrayKey or the development of iOS 12. So do you mean Apple?

    Anyway, what is at issue here is privacy and security. There is no “only for law enforcement” method to access data. If law enforcement can get access to the data on a phone, then so can malicious entities. Any vulnerability that Apple leaves in place that lets people access your data could be used to steal your accounts, money, identity, etc. Losing your iPhone or having it taken may never happen to you, but if it does, you would want your data to be secure from whomever gets a hold of it.

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