MacMost Now 413: iOS 4 First Look

Take a look at iOS 4, available today for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. You can have multiple apps running at once and store app icons in folders. Apps like Camera, Photos, Mail and others have new features. You can also use Bluetooth keyboards with your iPhone.

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    14 years ago

    This great over view but I have first generation iPhone. :-(
    Not sure when I can upgrade.

    14 years ago

    would it worth my while to upgrade my phone from 3G to 3GS , so that i can use the IOS4.0 ?
    i am not so sure that i'd be happy with iphone 4.0 with all its problems - your thoughts

      14 years ago

      Why upgrade to a 3GS? Upgrade to 4. I don't think it makes any sense to go to a 3GS now. The iPhone 4 has so many hardware features that make it better than the 3GS: better processor, camera(s), screen, etc.
      The only problems I have heard about with the iPhone 4 are the reception problem (but many say it is the same with the 3GS anyway -- and a case solves it) and the yellow screen problem (which seems to go away after a few days, I hear).
      I would seriously not consider a 3GS at all.

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