iPad Pro, New Apple TV, iPhone 6s

Apple announced a new iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen and a companion keyboard and stylus. A new Apple TV will include a touch-capable remote and also Siri voice commands. Developers will be able to make apps for the new Apple TV. New iPhone models will include better cameras and force-sensitive touch screens.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost.com. Let's take a quick look at yesterday's Apple announcements.

The first big announcement was the iPad Pro. A lot of rumor sites predicted this. A lot of people thought it wouldn't happen. But it's here!

It has a really big screen. About 12.9 inches. So that's kind of like if you were to use the new split view feature having an iPad screen on the left and an iPad screen on the right. They are the same size, more or less, as full iPads. So it is a really cool big screen and a lot of people are going to like that for doing things like video editing on it and such.

It's real power, though, is with two accessories. One is a keyboard. The keyboard not only attaches to it magnetically but through that attachment it actually is going to get both power and the communication of sending those key strokes. So you don't have to plug it in. You don't have to use bluetooth. It kind of connects through its edge to the edge of the iPad.

The other accessory is the new Apple pencil. This is a stylus that you will be able to use with this for drawing and other things and its got some pretty advanced capabilities for a stylus. With that it comes with a pretty advanced price. $99 which a lot stylus' a basically just pieces of plastic that you hold in your hand. This one actually has a lot of tech in it including a battery. So you have to charge it.

It will be interesting to see how this all works. It probably is going to be a really good device for artists but maybe if you are not an artist is won't be useful enough to justify getting an iPad Pro and an Apple pencil. It is not going to ship until November and it's going to come with a price tag of $799 for the low end. With that you are going to get an A9X processor, lots of speed upgrades, and of course tons of pixels to go along with the 12.9 inch screen.

The other big announcement was for a new Apple TV. So this Apple TV is going to have a new operating system. They are calling it TVOS and developers will actually be able to make apps for it. There will be an App Store. That means we're going to have games and they showed off some games.

Along with the new Apple TV comes a new remote control. The new remote control is totally different than the old one. First its got a swipe interface. So there is an area at the top that you can swipe with your finger that will be great for games and you can use it, of course, to control the TV functions as well.

Also you will be able to talk to a microphone and use Siri. Siri will be on Apple TV. So a lot functions that now you have to navigate around you will be able to get to quickly by just talking and asking Siri to do things for you. The new Apple TV won't be out until late October. In the meantime it will give some time for developers to actually create some cool games.

Apple also announced new iPhones, as expected. So we're going to have the iPhone 6S and 6S+ that pretty much look like the 6 and 6+. The big new feature is that you will be able to touch the screen at different pressures and it will sense how hard you are touching the screen. This is called 3D Touch. It means there will be able to be more different types of interactions with the screen. That will be useful in apps, including games, and all sorts of other things.

For a lot of people the big new feature on the iPhone will be the fact that it can record 4K video. So the cameras are vastly improved, both front and back. The back camera can record super high definition video which will be great for a lot of people.

In addition they showed this interesting feature where you can take a photo but it is also going to record a second and a half video before the photo is taken and a second and a half video after. So you can look at the photo and then touch the photo on the iPhone, or even on other devices like the Mac, and be able to see a little bit of video before and after the touch. So you can see people blink or smile or things like that. I'd like to see how people use this new feature. It should be pretty interesting.

We found out that iOS 9 is going to be available really soon, September 16th. However they didn't announce the release date for El Capitan, the next version of Mac OS 10.

There were a few other minor announcement. Of course, as expected, there is talk about the Apple Watch operating system that will allow developers to build apps directly for the Apple Watch. So we can expect some better apps there.

They also announced an Android app, that's right an Android app. What it does, of course, is to help you take your information from your Android device and transfer that to an iPhone.

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    4 years ago

    Any news or rumors concerning the iMac … ???

    4 years ago

    Re Apple TV 4. Why no European apps built in.apple seems to have forgotten us Brits ! There are many apple fans here,so how about BBC I player for example .great U.S. Apps but need more international content ?

      4 years ago

      It takes two. The BBC has to make the app. I’m sure Apple would be happy to include it.

    4 years ago

    Unfortunately, the new Apple TV no longer has a separate audio digital optical output port allowing for a direct connection to my audio equipment. Now I have to find a splitter to capture the audio off the HDMI cable.

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