MacMost Now 428: iPhone 4 Case Program

Apple is giving away free iPhone 4 cases in response to reported antenna issues. You can get your free case by using a new iPhone 4 app. Look at the eight cases currently listed.

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    14 years ago

    I bought a bumper case from an Apple store and already have my refund; so kudos to Apple for that.

    I would have liked the opportunity to get one of the other cases instead, though.

    I realise that this would be difficult or more expensive for Apple, but I feel that I have missed an opportunity by buying early.

    14 years ago

    I suppose I'll get the Apple bumper. I'm worried that the glass on the front is prone to scratching. I've already got two scratches on it. I thought the glass was supposed to be a super hard variety. Anyone else with the problem? What's the best fix?

    14 years ago

    I will for the iPhone bumper. Since my first iPhone I am using a ZAGG Invisible shield because I really don't like any cases on my iPhone.

    14 years ago

    I think I'll wait til after Sept 30 to see what new design Apple has up it's sleeve for the iPhone 4. Maybe by then this antennae and all the other bugs will be worked out. Can't wait!

      14 years ago

      There's no indication that there will be a new design after Sept. 30. I'd bet against it -- there would be an outcry from current 4 owners. After Sept. 30 you'll probably either see a continuation of the free case program, or Apple will simplify it by including a bumper case in the iPhone 4 box.

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