MacMost Now 428: iPhone 4 Case Program

Apple is giving away free iPhone 4 cases in response to reported antenna issues. You can get your free case by using a new iPhone 4 app. Look at the eight cases currently listed.
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This episode of MacMost Now is brought to you by Gazelle. Gazelle is the easiest fastest way for you to sell or recycle your gadgets. Every item gets an offer and you get paid to be environmentally responsible. Use promo code "MacMost2" for a 5% bonus. So today Apple started the iPhone for Case program. This is the program where everybody that bought an iPhone 4 can get a free case. Now if you've already bought a bumper case from Apple, you're simply gonna get a refund and they're doing those automatically. But if you haven't bought a bumper case, then you can get a free one or select from a few others that Apple has available.
Now the way you do this is through an iPhone App. You need to go to the App Store, download a free iPhone for Case Program App, and then use that to select the case that you want. Let's take a look. So, the first thing you need to do is, go to the App Store. Once you're in there you need to look for the App called iPhone for Case Program. Now, let's run it. Now you get to select your case. And you get a pretty decent variety of cases.
So there are two variations of the incase Snap Case. The "Smoke Colored" and the "Clear". You can see it's a thin hard plastic shell here reveals all the different buttons and ports. Now this isn't available for sale yet, so we don't know what's the actual cost of this is. But the iPhone 3 and 3GS version of this case ran about $25.
So next we have the "Belkin Sheild Micra". Now this is also a Clear Case, this one is flexible and it's also a pretty thin and it is listed right now on the Belkin's site and selling for $25.
So next we have the "Griffin Motif", which is a Plastic Case with smoky color and a diamond pattern on the back. It isn't even listed yet on the Griffin's site but I found that at a few other sites listed for around $20.
There's also the "Griffin Etch", which is a black very thin case. It's plastic but with some rubber edging for grip and at the Griffin's site right now it is listed as $30.
And then we've got two cases from Speck. The first one is the fitted case. It's the black tartan color and it's a hard shell plastic case but it's covered with a fabric. So makes it a little unusual. And then we've got the Speck's Pixelskin colored black. This is a rubberized case to make is easy to grip. Both of the Speck cases, list for $30 at the Speck site.
And then there's the Apple Bumper Case. Now these cases originally sold for $30 on Apple store until they pulled them all in preparation for this free giveaway program. Now the thing about the bumper case is that it doesn't cover the back in any way. It just covers all around the edges, which should be enough to provide you with good reception, although won't protect the back from any scratching.
These are the cases listed now. There's no guarantee there will be same cases listed tomorrow or next week. Apple may add more or remove some from the list. We're just not sure of that.
Now, which one is right for you? Well, it's a matter of style. I mean these should all protect equally well against the antenna issue, so it's the matter of which one fits your style. Unfortunately it's going to be impossible to actually hold most of these in your hands and see what they really look like. So, you're gonna have to rely on the pictures in the App or the ones you can find on the Internet.
Now some of these are hard shell cases and some are flexible. Some also have smooth surfaces and some have a surface design for better grip. So you should be able to narrow it down based on your preferences there. And then of course, if you wanna go with the official Apple product and just get the bumper then it'll make your choice very easy.
Now since all these are listed at shipping in for 3 - 5 weeks, I'd imagine the availability is going to be an issue. There've been a lot of iPhone 4 sold so I wouldn't delay I would get this App today and make a selection and get it ordered. So, you're first in line.
So I feel like this, Look at the iPhone for Case Program. Tell me what you think of the different cases and leave a comment at this post at I'd like to see which designs you think are the best and which ones you'll be getting.
Till next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

Comments: 5 Responses to “MacMost Now 428: iPhone 4 Case Program”

    9 years ago

    I bought a bumper case from an Apple store and already have my refund; so kudos to Apple for that.

    I would have liked the opportunity to get one of the other cases instead, though.

    I realise that this would be difficult or more expensive for Apple, but I feel that I have missed an opportunity by buying early.

    9 years ago

    I suppose I’ll get the Apple bumper. I’m worried that the glass on the front is prone to scratching. I’ve already got two scratches on it. I thought the glass was supposed to be a super hard variety. Anyone else with the problem? What’s the best fix?

    9 years ago

    I will for the iPhone bumper. Since my first iPhone I am using a ZAGG Invisible shield because I really don’t like any cases on my iPhone.

    9 years ago

    I think I’ll wait til after Sept 30 to see what new design Apple has up it’s sleeve for the iPhone 4. Maybe by then this antennae and all the other bugs will be worked out. Can’t wait!

      9 years ago

      There’s no indication that there will be a new design after Sept. 30. I’d bet against it — there would be an outcry from current 4 owners. After Sept. 30 you’ll probably either see a continuation of the free case program, or Apple will simplify it by including a bumper case in the iPhone 4 box.

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